I was born in Hungary, escaped the war and later immigrated to the United states in 1957. Pigeons were always a part of my life in Hungary. First raising them and then surviving on them as the war played out in my country.

Looking for the "American Dream", I immigrated to the U.S. in 1957. Soon after, I married and started a family. In 1970 when my boys were 7 & 9, they wanted to raise pigeons. Well, as you know how pets and young enthusiastic kids go, my boys lost interest and I had to take over. I was very excited about having pigeons in my life again!

I started flying pigeons in the San Gabriel SGI Club. Here I met my long time friend John Weldon, a top flyer in the club. I was interested in buying birds from Weldon, but he would  only loan them to me.  My foundation birds are from John Weldon's Heremans, although no pedigrees were recorded because Weldon did not believe in them.

Later I purchased a Hofkin hen from Leo Broekx & Merkx Verhayen and flew these birds until 2000. Many of my successes and accomplishments were from these birds!

In 1999 I traveled to Belgium("The Pigeon Capital") and met a man named Luk VanMechelen who raised pigeons from the Jensen family.  I purchased 2 pair from Luk and in my first year flying I took 1st Overall! Later, I crossed the Heremans family with the Hofkin familiy and that is what's in my loft today.

These birds out perform competitors in desert temperatures and strong head winds. They are beautiful pigeons! My birds have the best success record in San Diego races where they handle the toughest conditions!

~John Nemeth~

Five proven reasons to purchase my birds for your loft:

1. The history of performance.
2. The endurance record week after week.
3. The performance in heat, rain and strong winds.
4. The quality bloodline(quality & beautiful wing span)
5. The birds are historically winners by all

(Nemeth Family Loft is located in Glendora, CA near the beautiful San Gabriel mountains)

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Last updated Tuesday, July 30, 2019

2018 OLR Achievements

2018 San Diego Triple Crown Classic
35th-BON816, 60th - BON851(100 mi. vs 256 birds)
 2nd Drop, clocked 22nd - BON821, 35th - BON838, 84th - BON805
3rd Drop, clocked 98th - BON805(200 mi. vs 248 birds) 
18th-BON805, 50th - BON860, 51st - BON821, 57th - BON816(300 mi. vs 194 birds, only 69 birds clocked!)

1st IRON EAGLE(360 mi.) - BON805 earning 10,000 points!

2018 San Diego Holiday Classic Super Bird
2nd Drop, clocked 11th(360 mi. vs 173 birds) - BON846

2018 San Diego Holiday Classic
9th(135 mi. vs 342 birds) - BON826
  26th(200 mi. vs 323 birds) - BON832
33rd(300 mi. vs 303 birds) - BON897

2018 California Classic
Eq. 1st, clocked 5th(305 mi. vs 916 birds) - BON840

2018 Triple Crown Classic San Francisco
37th(250 mi. vs 168 birds) - BON814
7th(335 mi. vs 148 birds, only 90 birds clocked!) - BON814

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